where i am

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be fit, in shape, and even human. for years, i spent hour-long sessions at the gym for month-or-two spurts until i got bored and gave up. there was nothing fun about working out. it was hard and boring. it was fun to go out with friends, climb trees, swim in the woods, or hike a mountain just to sprint back down – this was where i preferred to get my exercise, though i never thought of it as such.

then i graduated high school. friends scattered around the country or took full-time jobs. i was tied to college, my self. i found very little time to get outside and play anymore. i gained weight. there were no more fun opportunities to exercise and i became sedentary until the day i joined a local brazilian jiu jitsu gym (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-gzJOLwYcA) on a whim and out of curiosity for the sport of mixed martial arts.

i lost weight. classes were fun – so fun i’d continue through exhaustion just for more sparring. i competed a few times, taking first in my division twice and almost being choked out and having my arm broken in another two. i didn’t care, i kept doing it.

then i transferred colleges. from the ‘city’, near my gym, and out to the boonies where my only bits of exercise were few and far between, relegated to my time in competitive dodgeball and a few brief periods of grappling weekly with other students. again, i gained more weight, despite being a vegan at the time.

then i graduated. this was a few months ago. i realize now how much free time i have on my hands, how much open air exists in my life. i’m returning to training, and i’ve recently made plans to pursue a career in nutrition and fitness. i’m dedicated to a few things – my health, my career, and my training. i’m not in pursuit of a workout plan that will get me jakked. i don’t want to trick myself into having fun with working out, either. i’m pursuing things i find fun, and in the process pursuing a way of life that will keep me in good health and good form for the future.

and that’s what this blog will be about. training, nutrition, fitness, and truly enjoyable ways to stay healthy.



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